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Making every match count!

Tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis, racquetball..

Multiple sports

Killermatch supports most racket sport games, including tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis and racquetball. If you play multiple sports, the app is able to track each sport and your progress individually.


Enter your match data and results and the app will provide you with match statistics both against individual opponents and aggregated data across opponents (win rates, average match length, rankings and more).

Social media

Match results and statistics can be shared through social media. The app generated text and images which can be shared with any standard social media sharing features your phone supports.

Getting started

1. Enter match details

2. View match statistics

3. Share on social media



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Future directions

I am hard at work adding new features. Some of the features I am working on are listed below. Feel free to suggest other features you would like implemented. Use the email address found at the bottom of this page.

  • More statistics. While I currently only generate win/loss rate statistics per player pair, I will be adding additional statistics such as match length, game score statistics, player frequency statistics, location statistics and more.
  • Tagging allow you to give matches one or more tags, and matches may even get tags automatically. Tags would allow you to group matches and use the tags for filtering when selecting statistics or rankings later. A tag may represent a regional league, a local club, official game in the national ranking or international rankings. Certain tags may also be owned by certain people or groups of people (national federation, club owner and similar).
  • Rankings would enable automatic ranking of players based on match results. This would typically be used in combination with tagging so a match could count towards the national ranking, while another match may count only against a club or local/regional ranking. Various ranking systems, principles and parameters would allow most wanted ranking formulas.
  • Sharing and subscriptions would allow a player to subscribe to matches, typically all matches where he participates, all matches in a certain club, or even all matches in a national or international league.